Sixth Meeting of SLAP Coordinators

The Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) organized on the 8th and 9th of October 2014 the Sixth Meeting of SLAP Coordinators, in “Kragujevac” hotel, in the City of Kragujevac. The organization of the event was supported by the European union, through the EU Exchange 4 program, managed by the SCTM.

The purpose of SLAP Coordinators’ meetings is to present key ongoing and future activities related to SLAP Information System, and allow the participants to exchange experiences and information relevant for developing local and regional infrastructure projects.

In cooperation with the representatives of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, four new sectors within the area of Energy were presented to SLAP coordinators (energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the following sectors: District Heating, Water Supply, Public Lightning, and Public Buildings). Participants were also informed about links between SLAP IS and the processes of local strategic planning (action planning) and program budgeting, and how SLAP database can assist the municipalities in these activities. Also, key financing opportunities and sources of funding for municipal infrastructure in the upcoming period were presented and discussed.

Materials from the Sixth Meeting of SLAP Coordinators (in Serbian) can be downloaded using the following links: