Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, with support of the Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme and Exchange 3 Programme  (EU funded projects) provides trainings to municipalities and national users on the advantages of registering and selecting projects from SLAP.

Capacity Building:

The regular communication and coordination at the local level regarding SLAP and local infrastructure pipeline has been established through the appointment of SLAP coordinators in the cities and municipalities.  In order to enhance capacities and experiences/practice of SLAP Coordinators, SCTM organizes SLAP Coordinators workshops at least twice per year.

In order to be able to support them properly the SCTM has prepared the Training plan for SLAP coordinators and other representatives of LSG units (e.g. representatives of Offices for local-economic development (LER)) and Public Utility Companies (PUCs).

Training objectives and results:

The main objective of the SLAP training programme is to increase capacities of LSG units in area of local infrastructure development contributing to further development of SLAP project pipeline.

The expected results are:

  1. Better understanding and use of SLAP IS by SLAP Coordinators and other representatives of LSG units.
  2. Improved knowledge on infrastructure projects (understanding strategic and legal framework for planning and preparing local infrastructure projects).
  3. Improved cooperation (based on PPD platform) between entities on local level and SLAP Coordinators.
  4. Supporting identification and preparation of bigger, inter-municipal (regional) infrastructure projects.
  5. Improved cooperation between SCTM and SLAP Coordinators.