SLAP coordinators (representatives of municipalities, cities and Regional Development Agencies in charge of cooperation with the SLAP IS team) are the only users authorized to input data into SLAP system.

The regular communication and coordination at the local level regarding SLAP and local infrastructure pipeline has been established through the appointment of SLAP coordinators in the cities and municipalities.  In order to enhance capacities and experiences/practice of SLAP Coordinators, SCTM organizes SLAP Coordinators workshops  at least twice per year.

The core element of the SLAP system is the Project Profile Document (PPD) representing municipal infrastructural project. The PPD provides an overview of the project main features, project beneficiaries; project embedness in the national or local development strategy, project maturity and the status of the project documentation, and SLAP coordinators fill it out online.

SLAP coordinators can update the project data according to its development, as needed. Using the information contained in the PPD it is possible to grade projects within the SLAP system according to scoring criteria set in advance. Thus created ranking of projects is available to public, so the project selection system is transparent.

List of SLAP Coordinators can be downloaded HERE.