Regional Training for SLAP Coordinators – February 2014

Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, in cooperation with the Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme (MISP IPA 2010), financed by the EU, organized on 4th of February 2014 the second of three Regional Trainings for SLAP Coordinators, to be implemented within the Programme. The event was held in “Novi Sad” Hotel in the City of Novi Sad.

Regional trainings cover themes important for planning and preparation of municipal and inter-municipal infrastructure projects, including:

  • Overview and exchange of experiences regarding project planning and preparation, including required planning, technical documentation and permits;
  • Key elements of an (EU) Feasibility Study, enabling participants to properly interpret information and conclusions from this document;
  • Principles and main parameters of Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA), including a practical exercise;
  • Informing participants about latest developments regarding SLAP IS, difficulties in project registration and identification of new projects to be entered into the database.

Regional training in Novi Sad was attended by representatives of local self-governments, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Self-Government.

MISP IPA 2010 trainings for SLAP coordinators are planned to be continued in March 2014.

Materials from the event (in Serbian) are available through the following links:

More information on the Municipal Infrastructure Support Programme can be found by visiting MISP website: